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Created in Fall 2021

Software uses: Rhino, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Keyshot, Procreate

Next gen motor home

What is Solis?

Solis is the new generation of motor home electric vehicles that can combat global warming while users can comfortably and safely enjoy their surrounding natures.

Target market?

Solis’s target market focuses on 1 to 2 people who pursuit light and relaxing outdoor experiences.


60% of new campers choose recreational vehicles, cabins, or other accommodation.

$3 billion was spent on camping

equipment in 2017 in the US.


Approximately 1 million Americans

live in recreational vehicles full-time.


Why choose RV?

Car camping is much easier to prepare for and more comfortable. You throw a bunch of gear in your car, reserve a spot, and go. Hike-in camping takes a lot of preparation and light gear. You probably get 80% of the joy of camping for 30% of the work (compared to hike-in camping).

Kyle Pennel

I have an RV, a car, a motorcycle, two bicycles, a motorboat, and a canoe. The main reason I like having the RV overusing hotels is, I have my bed, my bathroom, my kitchen. I don’t have to worry about what the last occupant did, or if housekeeping changed the sheets.

Stephen Steinhauer


The exterior of Solis was inspired by an orca, a starship in the Guardian of the Galaxy, and the classic van, the overhead windshield was also inspired by a starship.

Color Pallete

Pursuit towards the earthy type of color pallets and look more approachable and spacious







Interior Inspirations

Mind Map

Quick thought process before I start my project

Exterior Explorations

Interior Explorations

Physical & Modeling Explorations


Perspective View

Back View

Starting from the left: Water tank, Water supply, Electric plug and Charger plug


Solis is an electric autonomus vehicle that can self-charge. Provide comfort and reduce the stress of the driver for long-term trips.

Solar Panel

The idea was to recharge and provide clean energy to the users but can also cover different areas of the car to block off the sunlight.

Bike Rack

When detecting both wheels on the bike rack it will automatically lock it. When detects the removal of the bike if the user’s phone is nearby it will unlock.


Living room




The user can use the divider to divide the section between the driver seat and the lounge area.

Green: Two pieces of bed can transform into a sofa by standing one of them up and there is a zipper that you can remove for cleaning.

Red: Remove cushions for more storages.


Set of materials samples that will be use in Solis

Color Options


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