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Created in Spring – Summer 2021

Software uses: Rhino, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Keyshot, Procreate

Original but better

What is Signal?

Signal is a smart cane that helps visual impair people. I’ll be exploring how a smart cane that can retain it original form but more safe, noticeable and reliable for the blind and the visually impaired people. Hope Signal can encourage more user to use it.

Do you know?

An estimate of 285 million people who are visually impair, 39 million are blind globally, people who are 50 years and older are 82% blind.

Who is my target market?

Blind or Visually Impair people

People experiences with a white cane

What kind of probelms you encounter when using a white cane?

When I hear a car coming I get off the road and onto the grass, giving the driver a wide berth. Electric cars are nearly silent as they approach and there is no reason to believe they will be any more cautious than drivers of other cars about not running me over. I am thinking of something like a vibration in the handle of my cane.

Anne L. McQuade

Some problems I had encountered before like silent electric cars, objects like trees or signs that my white cane cannot find. Construction sites are a problem as they can be dangerous. I live in a place with hardly any sidewalks. Gps is coming a long way to tell which bus stops to choose.

Aaron James

Modifications to a normal white mobility cane would be difficult, because many persons have many different needs. However, I know a universal problem with all canes: What to do with the cane when you are not walking around? Canes either fold or telescope to a shorter length, but then what to do with the handle? I have lost canes because I had to set them down somewhere.

Penina Winisdatter

Problem Identifications

Unnoticeable at night

A white cane is a stick without any features to counter night use, which are extremely dangerous to the users and increases the chances of an accidents.

Awkward hide cane in public

Most of the times after the use of the white cane, it is require to fold it and hold it the entire time till the need of it again. Only holding it can make sure the cane is right by your side.

Unable to detect certain obstacles

Visual Impair person navigating his/her surrounding are challenging. Obstacles could be somewhere the cane couldn’t detect it.


Uses a guide dog


Uses a long cane

Normal Cane $20

Wewalk Smart Cane $599.00


How it work?

Bought a standard cane, did some test runs to try to get closer to the blind experiences.

Relax your hand and put it in front of you

Left foot forward then swipe cane to the right

Right foot forward then swipe cane to the left

Continue to swipe left & right as you are moving

How it work?

Bought a standard cane, did some test runs to try to get closer to the blind experiences.

Test subject: My brother

Need to detect taller obstacles

Nowhere to store cane in public places

Dirty end contacts the handle

How it work?

Bought a standard cane, did some test runs to try to get closer to the blind experiences.

Too tall, thick diameter, but nice angle for obstacle detecter.

Both mock ups feels great, after calculating all internal parts 1.6 diameter is the one to go.

Final Design

What do Signal do?


Signal have two LED, one at the front and one at the back. As long as Signal is on, when the user is moving, the light of Signal will turn green then when the user stop, Signal will turn red.

Fall Detection

Signal is equip with a three axis accelerometer. When the users fall the cane will send messages to your emergency contact and continue to blink in red till the user pick it back up.

Exchangable Tips

The users will have an options of switching Signal tips for different terrain. Ball Tips and the point tips. While walking point tip Signal will tap left and right, while the ball tip will glide left to right. Ball tip is suggested to be use in a more nature environment while the point tip is suggest to use on smooth plain ground.


Signal is equip with ultra sonic sensor, able to detect obstacles that is up to 157 inches ahead. When it detects an obstacles Signal will vibrate to alert user. The closer the obstacles, stronger vibrations.


Signal packaging should be direct, easy to read and understand also eco-friendly packaging.

Hi! You have reach the end of this project. Thank you for reading it.

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