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Created in Spring 2022

Software uses: Rhino, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Keynote, Keyshot, Procreate, Lightroom, After Effect


Autonomous Robot Checkout System

A New Shopping Experience.

Meet the personalized autonomous AI shopping cart system that creates a seamless checkout experience. The idea is to deliver a fresh new experience and attract public to visit malls more frequently.

The Big Idea

Need to create a system that attracts customers into a mall, focuses on replenishing stocks, eliminates checkout lines, and provides clear, useful information to customers. Bring brand new experiences that e-commerce can never achieve.

The Issues?

Fewer and fewer people show an interest in shopping in a mall because it couldn’t deliver new experiences, the lack of varieties of items and interesting stores. Multiple maintenances and customer experience issues push people away from revisiting. Which results in the death of shopping malls.


Issues people see in mall/department store

Shewali Tiwari

“Mismanaged shelves. No directions guiding towards sections. You have to walk from one end of the mall to the other to get to the escalators and elevators. When the store doesn’t have your size and you realize that you came to the mall for nothing. Can be too crowd.”

Andy Knight

Cart seems to wander out in the middle of the lot and just post up in parking spaces even though they have a designated lounging area. Wobbly wheels. people leave their flyers, wrappers, or produce leaves in them. I want a clean cart every time.”


Shoppers who believe malls will still exist in the next 5 to 10 years.


Shoppers who want malls to combine stores with entertainment activities.

165 million

Adults who visited a mall within three months

60 million

Millennials who went to a mall within three months

According to the 2018 Mall Survey from the International Council of Shopping Centers surveyed 1,009 adults 18 years of age and older

Covid alter how consumers view a mall

Younger consumers are increasingly comfortable with buying products online without seeing them first, they are almost twice as likely to say they’d rather visit shops to get their product right away, rather than buy online and await delivery.


Consumers prefer to shop at stores that have touchless or robust self-checkout options.


Consumers say that they will continue to use self-checkout or increase their usage after COVID-19.


The idea and form of the project were inspired by Star Wars and Wall-E. The detail part of the project is inspired by various cart furnitures and Apple wheels.


Bench Explorations

Visualize the physical appearance of the bench, to create a unique, modern experience for the users.

It’s a.





How does DROID work?

1. Bring out phone, enter Apple wallet, approach Droid and put it close

2. Follow you

3. Put products into Droid, auto pay once out of store

4. Put products in the trunk

5. Navigate back to the charging station

The Concept.

Essentially it is a shopping cart that follows you, the idea is that you put your phone close to the Droid unit when you enter the mall. Once detect it will dispatch from the stations and follow you. When you enter the store with the unit you place the item you desire to purchase in Droid. When you exit the store with the unit it will automatically purchase the items you place in the unit.

Carefully navigate through environment.

Droid equips with two ultrasonic sensors on all four side of the unit, able to detect ahead of time and move away from obstacles quickly.

Nothing Runs Forever.

Droid will need a charging station to charge after a few dispatches. Droid will automatically dock to the station and charge Droid wirelessly. Different light colors represent different meanings. Red means charging, yellow means docking, flashing yellow means requires maintenance or attention and green means fully charge, and operational.

Its the holiday seasons.

When a certain amount of Droids get dispatched, it will enter into a grid system, seperating foot traffics on both sides, stay organized.

We got a secure space for your treasures.

Each Droid unit equips with a lock secure cover on top for expensive items or items you wish not to be seen. Simply pull out the handle , twist, and open the cover.

Noticeable At Night.

There are light indicators on both sides and back of the unit. Its colors represent different meanings also able to see the unit navigating during the night.

Need a break and my phone need to charge.

The bench is design to go along with Droid. Not only it provide a resting area, the dividers of the bench is also a wireless charging station for phone.

A place to hang bags.

There are hangers located in both side and the back of the Droid unit. Simply push in and it will pop out for you to hang your bags.

DROID Shows Emotions.

Expresses emotions, it changes based on its or customers interactions.

  • Careful: When it detects obstacles and navigates away, docking and low battery.
  • Blush: When opening it covers the top of the Droid or interacts with the user interface.
  • Sleeping: When it is idle for a certain time and while it is charging.
  • Happy: When it is following you.





UI and more contents will be coming in 2023.

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