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Created in Summer 2021

Software uses: Rhino, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Keyshot, Procreate

Just a fun light

What is Donut?

Donut is an interactive multipurpose light product that can treat as a lamp, desk light, and nightlight. I want to create a light product that is portable, easy to control, and fun to use.

My target market?

People of all ages with kids that needed lights.

Final Design

What do Signal do?


Users can switch between brightness and light color by pressing the interchangeable button then adjust on the interactive ring.


Donut has a battery that can use without being charged. It was designed to be held and carry around during the night.

Battery Life Light

When Donut is charging with a USB type-c cable, five levels of lights will indicate how much battery life is there.


Light Adjust

The users can adjust both color options and brightness. Simply spin the interactive ring on the top.


Hi! You have reach the end of this project. Thank you for reading it.

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