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Created in Spring 2021

Software uses: Rhino, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Keyshot, Procreate

Lets speed up your workflow

What is Canvas?

Canvas is a keyboard with intuitive shortcuts that increase workflow for work and design. Canvas is designed to tailor to different design professions, video editing, music production, and more. I’ll explore and design a simple keyboard and shortcuts while keeping it excitable and modern.

Intend Audience

People who is a product designer, music production, video editor, graphic designer, advertisement designer and photographer etc.

Why Mechanical Keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards improves the typing experience by accurate typing and increases key life. Mechanical keyboards can easily repair and replace switches.

Market Analysis

TourBox - an external controller

Created by Tour Tech, currently on Kickstarter and Amazon For Photoshop, Lightroom and SAI 

Cost: $150 on Amazon

Kira Mechanical Keyboard

A compact, full-size mechanical keyboard built without compromise. Created by Input Club, currently on Kickstarter

Cost $169-$179

Keychron K2

A Sleek, Compact Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Created by Keychron, currently on Kickstarter

Cost $59-$79

What are the problems?

No workflow improvement

There are many external controllers but it’s adding another keyboard on your desk, and no visual improvement on the workflow.

Lacks customization

External controllers are said to improve your workflow but it lacks physical customization which lacks the user’s interest in investing in it.

Lack of design language

The keyboard didn’t change for 35 years. Lack of visuals is hard to spark the interest of the people who are looking for a keyboard.


How I start

Final Design

Canvas can create up to 720 different workspace combinations

Two Working Styles


Create your own Canvas, work at home

Take a cord, take shortcuts and work outside

What can Canvas do?

Expand the Canvas

Canvas is designed to expand, and customize for each user. With the number of shortcuts, each user can create any combinations they want. The modules attach each other with magnets and pins.

Create any workspace you want


Canvas keyboard is a standalone wireless battery keyboard. The customization of the keyboard is not only limited to switches and keycaps. But also the aluminum rims on both sides of the Canvas product. Each Canvas product is easier to disassemble for recycling.

Take it outside

The cord of Canvas is not only used to charge the keyboard but also meant to take it outside with shortcuts. For standalone shortcuts to work, attach the cord to the shortcut and connect it to the computer. When you work outside, you only need to bring the cord and the shortcuts out.

Create any forms of shortcuts you want

Directional Knob

Push the knob in any direction. It will recognize the shortcut you program. When you turn the knob, it will only affect the function you currently in. With E – Ink screen on the top of the knob, it will display the current function you in.



Gesture Pad

Perform different gestures on the shortcut. The E – Ink screen on the directional knob will also display any pieces of information that were performed on any other shortcuts.

Zoom in


Pan Around


Compass is a shortcut that is capable of supporting the Knob shortcut or being a standalone shortcut with two flat wheelers on the shortcut. It can navigate two different functions.

Get to your functions much quicker

Button Pad

It is meant to shorten from two or more clicks of a shortcut to one click away. The E – Ink screen on each programable button display a function and changes according to which software you in.

Shortcuts is always one click away


Slider is the perfect shortcut for music production but can still be used widely in different software. Simply have your fingertips on the slider, drag up and down.

Adjust volume at ease

Packaging and Distribution

Canvas is a set of products that are meant to provide a customizable experience to the user. Not only the user will experience it after they bought the product, but also before they bought the product.

The individual packaging style also allows the customer to experience the thrill of customization of Canvas. Canvas is plan to distribute through Amazon, Bestbuy, and other electronic high-end stores.

Possible Combinations?

Suggest Layouts


Canvas is design to be versatile for all creative software. For starters in photoshop, the user can use the Knob to control the brush, eraser, and more, the Compass to navigate layers, shape strokes, etc, and a Gesture Pad to navigate through photoshop.

Suggest Layouts

Logic Pro X

Canvas capabilities are not limited to Adobe software but also software like Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. In Logic Pro X, for starters, the user could have Buttonpad for the music pad, Compass for zoom in or out, navigate playhead, and Slider to control volume.

Extra Renders

Hi! You have reach the end of this project. Thank you for reading it.

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