About Me

Ronald Yiu

Ronald Yiu

Industrial / Product designer

Hello, I am glad you found my website. I am currently an undergraduate student at College for Creative Studies with a major in Industrial/Product Design and a minor in Communication Design. Though this might sound cliché, I am hardworking and a quick learner. I would like to use this website to showcase why I am different from my peers and why I chose to major in Industrial/Product Design.

Ever since I was a kid, I was heavily influenced by movies and loved to visualize different possibilities of objects I interact with. The movie “Ironman” sparked my interest in creating new things and marked the beginning of this exciting path. During high school, I stumbled upon the idea of Product Design and immediately fell in love with it. Whether it is a white cane used by the blind, a modular keyboard and shortcuts, or a multipurpose light, Product Design constantly intertwines with different aspects of our lives. It is also an opportunity to learn a little bit about everything. Being able to make my imagination into reality is my motivation to design, and it always makes me look forward to what I can bring out.

I think an exceptional design should satisfy the user’s needs. It should be designed to make people who use the product easier and more efficient, ending with well prepared research and a well thought out presentation.

Feel free to look over my work in the Project section and contact me if you have any questions. Thank you.

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